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I’m now finally a proud owner of a faux fox tail plug.

You guys have no idea how happy this makes me… :)

Also..I need to share this most random ass text I got from an ex today..

"I’m doing some writing, getting a bagel, escaping the heat in my workout shorts and Italian Ice..looking at pics of you on Facebook."

He popped back into my life a few weeks ago and we finally got to have some closure conversations. I was the one that got away..and he was the one that got away until I met Dex. I was actually suppose to move to New York to be with said ex until I met my husband. 

And now all of a sudden I’m getting random ass texts from him. I told my dad while we were sharing a couple beers and he thought it was the funniest thing. So now we call my ex cowboy..Why? Cause my dad thinks it’s fucking hilarious. 

Recruiting friends from Spearfish to tackle the PCT next summer with us. Pleasantly surprised by how many have said yes and already requested time off. I’m so fucking excited. Ready to train harder! 

Ugh so ready to be back home..Like 14 hours I’ll be cuddled up on my couch with my man, my dog, my cat, and my fucking Oregon mary jane. 

Megan surprised me with news of her and Jared planning on coming out for my birthday in March. So I cried. ha. I’ve never had such an amazing friend before, and it just breaks my heart that she lives so far away from us now. Went over for one last pint and jay before packing for my flight tomorrow. We laughed, we cried, we were total saps. 

This was an amazing week though. Spirit journey at an end and I feel like I figured a lot out. Lost a little weight, toned some, got some awesome time in running trails. I feel calm and I feel at peace. I’m ready to return home. 

I’m ready for this new chapter.